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Saturday, September 12, 2009

BOSS COMPUTEC PVT LTD - Software Engineer

Job Description
The scope of work includes architecture, configuration control, considerations for human factors, integration, maintenance and enhancement, performance, quality assurance, standards and processes and testing. Civil engineering domain knowledge would be very beneficial.

Job Requirements:

• Professional degree in Computer Science / Software Engineering but Civil Engineer would be preferred and a history of academic success (70%+ or 7.0+ CGPA) at a prestigious institute of higher learning.

•Create, enhance, and maintain our engineering software products.

•Participate in the full life cycle of development, from specification and design. through implementation, testing, and support.

•Excellent English communication skills, both verbal and written.

•Strong time management and organizational skills.

•Ability to express thoughts and ideas effectively.

•Ability to prioritize and work on multiple projects simultaneously in a fast-paced environment.

•Exceptional attention to details.

•Ability to work efficiently both as a member of a team and independently.

•Excellent knowledge of MS Office.

•Ability to self-start and motivate others through leading by example.

•Desire to work in Noida.

Desired Candidate Profile
Key Responsibilities:

•Create, enhance, and maintain our engineering software products.

•Participate in the full life cycle of development, from specification and design through implementation, testing, and support.

•Write clear, sound C++ code that is portable, efficient, and reusable.

•Strong working knowledge of VC++, MFC & OBJECTARX.

•Strong knowledge with respect to concepts of OOPS and SQL/Database.

•Write and debug C++ code for new and upgraded software product.

•Develop technical designs that produce high quality products with efficient and reusable code.

•Should have a sound knowledge of C++ templates, STL & ATL.

•Ability to create reusable code that can also be used in different languages for example code written in C++ can be used in Visual Basic, Delphi etc.

•Developer should have the basic concepts of COM/DCOM.

•Ability to communicate with the client about the various issues.

•Knowledge of tools like PC lint, Bounds Checker, Glow Code, Refactor C++, Visual Assist, VisualSVN, AQTime, and Touch etc.

•Sound knowledge of wise script used for packaging of the product and Final Builder for automatic packaging.

•Knowledge of how we are protecting our products using Sentinel APIs and Password Generator.

•Working knowledge of AutoCAD and its entire version.

•Experience of using different versions of Visual Studio.

•Should do developer testing before send the build to testing team.

•Knowledge of the folder structure for the products and SVN.

•Responsible to doing code review using the review tool called Crucible.

•Responsible for bug tracking using the tool called SpiraTeam.

•Ensure daily scrum meetings.

Contact Details
Executive Name:Pallavi Gupta